The Best Bricklayer’s Tools for DIY and Trade

Read this guide and learn the Brickie’s tools of trade

The Aussie dream. The belief that Home Ownership can lead to a better life showcasing success and security. Drive around any suburb and you will see that Bricks are an essential building material. Most bricklayers get paid per brick laid creating a competitive environment to be quick, efficient and good. To be a successful builder it is a given that ordering quality materials is top priority. Also at the top of the pecking order is working with quality tradespeople. And what do quality tradespeople have besides top notch skills?

They have top quality Bricklaying Tools.

It’s true, Aussies love bricks

For somebody paying a builder to build their dream house it is often the biggest purchase of their life therefore it is important to use the best and reliable construction materials and tools.

There is a long list of tools that are used in the construction. Let’s focuse specifically on Brick Working Tools. Here we go:

Brick Carrier:

A brick carrier is a strong metal frame with a grip for handling it. It is used for carrying bricks and blocks by adjusting the size according to the size and shape of the brick. There are various types of brick carrier depending upon their jaw capacity and capability of carrying bricks.

Brick Bolster:

A brick bolster is solid forged with a safety grip designed to cut bricks and stones. It’s used for making a brick smooth and the exactly of a shape required. Bolsters may vary due to different types of blades used according to their size.

Brick Jointer:

A brick jointer is a smooth mortar joint in a concave shape that is used to retain the moisture from penetrating. It is also used for the finishing of mortar joints in Brick and Block. They differ in sizes and types due to variation in blades.

Brick Trowel:

A flat triangular-shaped trowel that is used for applying mortar or cement. They are available in a variety of blade sizes and thickness.

Brick Line Strand:

A brick line strand is a type of thread that is used to make prominent layouts for building purpose. They are also used for making reference lines while laying bricks and to keep them plumbed and level. They are available in different colours including pink.

Gauging Trowel:

A gauging tool is a multipurpose equipment that is used for applying mortar on bricks. They are available in a variety of blade sizes and thickness.

Dutch Pin Round:

A tool that is used for keeping up a profile pole with a wall without any base support. They are mostly used in plaster and building trades to hold the timber battens, aluminum feather edges and metal pieces in position temporarily.

Chalk Line Reel:

A chalk box is a construction tool used for making straight lines on a flat base. It is for securing lines by using the load of the line reel as a vertical line.


A chisel is an equipment with a blade on its end for carving or cutting an extremely hard material such as brick, wood, stone, slots in keyways and any kind of metal. They come in different diameters, blades, and length.

There are further types and categories of these tools depending upon the nature of work as with anything but we hope this guide has brought you up to speed!

Selecting the right brick working tools before purchasing is very important and that requires visiting websites or going to different shops. However, you don’t need to do this hassle anymore as now we are here to make it easy and feasible for you. Visit our Brickworking Tools section and check out our range.

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