5 Halloween car decoration ideas to keep in mind this October!

The spooky season is upon us! Many people around the world love to dress up for Halloween, but what if you’re a car lover? What can you do to your car to go the extra mile this Halloween?

We’ve got a few ideas for some fun and exciting Halloween decorations. 😉

Give your car some teeth!

Have you seen the movie Cars? The kids animated movie where all the cars have those creepy-looking eyes and mouths?  Well, that gave me an idea!

Try adding some stick-on teeth to the grill area or bumper of your car. You can make some yourself with craft paper, scissors and good-quality adhesives, or buy some online. Stick ‘em on your car’s front grill or bumper, wherever looks best. Add some angry eyes either above the teeth or by the headlights, and you’ve got yourself a very mean looking car! Kachow!

Is that a body in the boot?

This one is one I’ve seen before, but it’s always a great scare. Using an old sleeve, a mannequin hand and some fake blood, you can make a pretty convincing fake arm to stick out of your car’s boot or door. You can do the same with a leg if you’ve got an old shoe you can use!

Additionally, with a garbage bag, some old pillows or bedding to stuff it with, and some rope or a belt or two, you can make what looks like a body bag – body included! Stick it in your trunk, and people will get a hell of a fright if they see you open it. Works great if you can see into the boot through the rear window like with some SUVs.

Hit and run!

If you’re after a simpler idea, the addition of a little bit of fake blood can make for a very interesting scare! Some strategically placed fake blood on the front of your car, wheel arches and tires can make it look like you’ve just come from a hit and run – while some fake blood around the boot handle and lid can look like a kidnapping gone wrong. Get creative with some bloody handprints on the doors and windows, and you can look like you’ve come straight from Dawn of the Dead!

Most costume stores will sell some fake blood, but there are plenty of homemade recipes out there. Just be careful it doesn’t stain your paint job!

Oh god not the spiders 😨

This one’s for the arachnophobes out there – like myself. Most gift stores and costume stores will sell some sort of fake cobwebs, as well as fake spiders. It’s a bit of an arduous cleanup, but covering the inside of your car in these spiders and webs will make your car look terrifying to any passers-by. Works better if you’re not going to be driving your car over Halloween, so it can act as a decoration outside.

Alternatively, cover the outside of your arachnophobic friend or family member’s car with the fake webs and spiders, and watch them freak out when they go to get in! They might not be your friend after that, but it’ll be funny anyway.

Haunted car!

Using strategically hidden LED lights throughout the interior of your car, you can make your car give off an eerie green/blue glow, or a demonic red one. This works super well if you yourself will be costumed up over Halloween – match your demon costume with some red LEDs, or your ghost costume with blue LEDs! You can also add other additions, like a skeleton in the passenger seat if you’re not travelling with anybody, or some light-reactive stickers for your windows of some ghosts or ghouls. Maybe even top it off with a fog machine!

Just be careful with how the lights are placed. Don’t disrupt your ability to see if you’re driving in the dark. Halloween decorations are only fun if it’s safe!

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