Kaizen ~ the Japanese business concept of “continuous improvement”. At MIRCH, we have this as a central concept in all that we do. No matter how far we come, how well we do something – the question always remains, “How can we do it even better?”

This concept helps us to achieve our company slogan “Excellence Formulated”We take this seriously and it entails our teams working tirelessly on every facet of our offerings. Whether it be our constant push into R&D, our branding image or even something as small as a particular font used on our labels. Its the unending push for excellence.

It’s not only trial and error at MIRCH our team utilises a varied and wide range of experience from over 25 years in the chemical engineering industry.

So, when you use a MIRCH product, you can rest assured that you are truly using quality. 

Not only will MIRCH make your next cleaning task easier, it will form you into a cleaning hobbyist.

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