Keep your tools and machinery working efficiently and effectively!

Oz General Store stocks a huge range of Spares. We all know the bloke that is guilty of ‘tool abuse’ – something that we not proud to admit ourselves! But when a job needs to be done, it needs to be done. If you have any issues with your tools, simply call us on (03) 9791 7033 or explore our treasure trove of spare parts.

To assist with your enquiry, tell us exactly what has happened and don’t sugar coat it! We only want to solve your problem in the quickest time possible to get you back up and running. If a spare part is not available we will give you an alternative solution and you can analyse it yourself if it is the best way to go.

Farming spares and more

Have you recently got a job done at the detriment of your tool? There will always be a better way of doing things. Oz General Store exists along with a fully fledged manufacturing division that has been operating since 1903. Drop us a line and chances are that we have seen and know about the issue you are facing. If a job seems difficult, it may be because you are not tackling it the best way. Let us give you suggestions and ideas to mull over.

Join the Oz General Store family!

True to our word, Oz General Store has grown at a rapid pace. All we want to do is solve problems and employ more Aussies. Our strongest asset is not the products we sell, but the relationships we build with our customers and staff members. Have confidence in knowing that you can pick up the phone and speak to us immediately. We can be reached on (03) 9791 7033.

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