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Get to work on your engine!

For those gearheads out there (like us), who have an obsession with jumping on the loud pedal there are a plethora of engine stands out there. But how do you sort the cheap and nasty engine stand from the best products out there? Simple – Just speak to us!

Oz General Store was born from our manufacturing division – Murray Agricultural Equipment. We have been continuously manufacturing Australian made farm machinery since 1903. For generations we have refined our processes, employed thousands of Aussies and churned out farm machinery that used across the nation.

With a little bit of free time and armed with a head full of ideas our staff spent time creating an Australian Made Engine Test Stand. This test stand is the bees knees and will allow you to test, tune and restore your engine.

Born out of necessity

Rebuilding our project cars is what we do in our free time and we seriously looked at every product available on the market. We looked at cheap engine cradles to heavy duty engine stands. We settled on a product from the states that we thought would do the job of actually allowing us to start and run in our newly built engine. Because our project car’s bodywork was still being worked on we wanted to keep moving! Imagine our shock at the next to no availability of this product from speed shops around the country. Not to mention the insane pricing of $6K+

Bugger it we said and we went about properly engineering an Engine Test Stand that would hold up to the strength and power of an Holden, Ford, LS and Chevvy!

We suggest that any engine that you are interested in testing simply send us a picture of your engine mounts to sales@ozgeneralstore.com.au for us to confirm. Since we operate a manufacturing business we can easy assist with creating an adapter plate.

Want to know more?

We’re a proudly Australian owned and operated business, working our hardest to support Australian workers! Call us at (03) 9791 7033, or visit us in person at 1 Pickett St, Dandenong. We’re open 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Our friendly and professional customer service staff will help you out with all types of enquiries, no matter what the issue may be. From anything between an everyday enquiry, to a serious tool meltdown, the Oz General Customer Service team has your back!

Leading the way in distributing top quality products for the trade and domestic market, there’s a reason we got our motto; Oz General Store – Servicing your Needs!

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