Store your belongings and reclaim space!

Over time we tend to accumulate heaps of things. Our range of garage storage products will help you reclaim the space in your house by allowing you to store it in your garage or shed. Racking is extremely useful for those that need additional space or even for starting your own business. Declutter your house but keep your valuables safe in the garage.

In our own personal life, it’s so easy to buy too many material items and feel trapped with items ending owning you. Consider donating or selling off what you don’t need and storing the rest for future use.

A good rule is unless it is a family heirloom or of sentimental value – if you haven’t used it in 5 years, throw it out, donate it or sell it. You will surprised how many things you haven’t used in that time period. If you want an extra challenge or you are ready to really cull things in your life; apply a 3 year rule or even a 1 year rule! Our staff at Oz General Store find that clothes are the biggest culprit. Start getting rid of your stuff and you will find that you do not miss it nor do you even think about it.

Storing what matters to you

After culling things you do not need anymore, it is a great idea to categorise what you do want to keep. The stuff you use should be left in your house and the stuff that will be used within the year, family heirlooms and significant items can be stored in the garage. You could store items that are similar together in plastic storage boxes.

Label them clearly so you don’t forget what is in the storage box and store them in your racks. Done! Now enjoy a clutter free house with easy access to things you use!!! Garage storage will help you, trust us!

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