Make frustrating situations a breeze

Here’s a situation: You are tinkering in the engine bay of your car and you unscrew a greasy bolt. Right at the last second it slips your grasp onto to get lodge into an unreachable crevice of the car. Bloody hell! Just my luck you think. Forget about swearing, there is a tool created to save you the pain and frustration of reaching your fingers into no man’s land.

These Pick-Up tools are specially designed to help you avoid frustrating situations and get yourself out of trouble. Normally on some sort of pole – these products will extend to your desired length. It has a powerful magnet on it. Some even come equipped with a light.

Built to last by Kincrome, we’re guarantee you won’t need to shop for pick-up tools ever again!

Know your brands

We only work with top tier brands that support Oz General Store’s vision. We exist to solve customer queries with the most direct solution possible. Simply contact our team on (03) 9791 7033. We are used to solving problems as we also operate a manufacturing division called Murray Agricultural Equipment. This company manufactures farm machinery for Australian Farmers and has done so since 1903. Many of the tools that we stand by are used by us in our daily operations.

Knowing about manufacturing helps us solve your queries. The more queries we are exposed to the quicker and easier it is for us to solve! Some call it Machine Learning, we can it the Oz General Store experience. Rest assure that when you contact us you will be talking to our staff members located in Dandenong, Vic. Some of our staff members have been with us for over 20 years making them a real asset to Oz General Store.

Want to find out more?

It is normal to have questions on our processes and to seek more information on Pick Up tools that you are interested in. It’s never been simpler to get in touch with us. Simply call us on (03) 9791 7033 between the time 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday during the week. You can also send us a Direct Message on Facebook to our page – Oz General Store. Alternatively send us an email to cs@ozgeneralstore.com.au. We’re just one click away!

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