Don’t lose your cool!

Our team here at Oz General Store knows the ins and outs of the automotive industry. Cars are our passion, and a lot of us have worked in the industry for quite some time. We know the importance of a good coolant to keep your car in tip-top condition – so we’ve dedicated ourselves to only stocking the very best!

Need new coolant for a home service? Got a leak? Don’t hesitate to stop by Oz General Store and pick up a few more, or get in touch for advice!

We’re automotive specialists

Our team are all car enthusiasts, so we know the importance of a good bottle of coolant. We’ve all come from automotive backgrounds, and as such, we know cars inside and out. Oz General Store is built on the foundations of automotive enthusiasts and long-term industry professionals, so we’re the people to ask if you’re having car troubles.

Oz General Store has been around since 1903, in the form of Murray Agricultural Equipment – a family-owned manufacturer of farm machinery. We wouldn’t still be operating today if we didn’t value quality. We know the importance of good quality products; from tools to coolant, and everything in-between.

Need to know more?

We’re a proudly Australian owned and operated business! Call us at (03) 9791 7033, or visit us in person at 1 Pickett St, Dandenong. We’re open 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Our friendly and professional customer service staff will help you out with any and all types of enquiries, no matter what the issue may be. Leading the way in distributing top quality products for the trade and domestic market; Oz General Store – Servicing your Needs!

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