Spray it up!

At Oz General Store, quality is our top priority. We stock some of the very best spray and gravity guns on the market, so it only makes sense that we stock the best gravity gun holders too! A good gravity gun can make all the difference, so take care of it by using a good holder along with it!

Our range of spray guns and equipment will be sure to impress. Come see for yourself if you don’t believe us!

Gravity gun holders and more!

Oz General Store values quality over anything else. We didn’t get this far by going cheap! Our range of quality pots and tools are guaranteed to be a hit.

We stock all the best brands, such as GRP, DeVilbiss and more!

Oz General Store was born from Hugh Murray & Son, a family-business that has been manufacturing farming implements since 1903. Our roots are in Australia, so we only use the best Aussie brands and tools!

Want to find out more about us?

We’re a proud family owned and operated business, working to support the hard-workers that form the backbone of Australia! Call us at (03) 9791 7033, or visit us in person at 1 Pickett St, Dandenong. We’re open 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Our professional customer service experts will help you out with all types of enquiries. No matter what, Oz General Store is here to support.

Leading the way in distributing top quality products for the trade and domestic market since 1903!

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