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We got you covered for you Sealants needs here at Oz General Store. Sealants have a range of applications and purposes. We stock the Polyurethane Sealant which is commonly used in construction and plumbing. It is used where you need a High Strength, Water Resistant Seal for your job.

Seam Sealer is also another common sealer in welding or metal work. It is made to cover an area and seal an area where panels or joints have been welded together. It is used to avoid moisture getting into the seams and causing rust. So fun fact, if used correctly it should last the lifetime of that product depending on its purpose.

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Our team here at Oz General Store is proud of our ability to provide the absolute best range of spray guns you’ll find online! We’re passionate about our products – we refuse to sell anything we wouldn’t use ourselves!

That’s because Oz General Store is built on the foundations of loyalty and commitment, being born from a family-owned manufacturing company that has been around since 1903. We didn’t get to where we are today by sacrificing quality!

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We’re a proud family owned and operated business, working to support the hard-workers that form the backbone of Australia! Call us at (03) 9791 7033, or visit us in person at 1 Pickett St, Dandenong. We’re open 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Our professional customer service experts will help you out with all types of enquiries, no matter what! Through thick and thin, Oz General Store is here to support!

Leading the way in distributing top quality products for the trade and domestic market, there’s a reason we got our motto; Oz General Store – Servicing your Needs!

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