Spray Out Your Needs

Oz General Store offers you the Spray Our Cards ideal for uses with automotive spray work. Ideal for any spray paint work. We got you covered with our Magnetic Colour Matching Cards or Metal Spray Out Cards, colour match Car Mould.

One of the most important jobs to any painting process is Colour Accuracy. Any painter shouldn’t but without his personal spray cards as it is coloured by them and their own tools and their own hand. Oz General have you covered so you never left second guessing your colour again!

We Got Your Back

The team here at Oz General Store has your needs at heart. We are proud small Australian business fighting to get the best products at the best price on the market to supply to the Australian people. Quality is our highest key with Customer support to those supporting us.

Here at Oz General Store we are built on the foundations of loyalty and commitment, being born from a family-owned manufacturing company that has been around since 1903. We didn’t get to where we are today by sacrificing quality.

Keen to learn more?

We’re a proudly Australian owned and operated business born and bred in Melbourne! Call us at (03) 9791 7033, or visit us in person at 1 Pickett St, Dandenong. We’re open 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Our friendly and professional customer service staff will help you out with all types of enquiries, no matter what the issue may be. Leading the way in distributing top quality products for the trade and domestic market; Oz General Store – Servicing your Needs!

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