Cavity Wax and Underbody Treatment

Here at Oz General Store we are car passionate and would love to offer you High Quality brands to keep your car looking brand new for longer. We would like to offer you the Troton range of Underbody Bitumen and Cavity Wax collection to help maintain your vehicle and keep the rust away.

The Cavity Wax also known as Rustproof Wax is ideal for cars and to be treated on known body cavities or otherwise areas where water could get stuck like the hood, rail, door skin. Its method is to prevent rust formation and build up of moisture in the tiny cavities of a vehicle that could cause issues in the future. This car wax is a simple yet effective method.

Underbody Bitumen or referred to as Underbody Protection is used to seal the under mechanics of a car to prevent stress build up from weather, road stones and anything else I car can go over. After drying product leaves tightly adherent coating, giving good mechanical protection in different climatic conditions. It is characterized by excellent soundproofing properties.

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The team at Oz General Store is passionate about providing you with the High Quality Bitumen Underbody Paint and the Cavity Wax. We love our products and customers and wouldn’t sell something we wouldn’t use ourselves.

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