Air Hoses and Tools!

Air hoses are essential for using any air tool, whether it be an air brush or air drill. Used to connect your tool to the air compressor, they come in various different lengths, levels of durability, and connector types. Not only that, but they’re available from several of our top-tier brands, such as Spear & Jackson, Kincrome, and Supatool! These are brands that we trust in to supply us with top-quality products, that are built to last!

We’ve got a wide range of options on our store when it comes to air hoses and air tools, all from big name brands! We know the importance of quality here at Oz General Store, and we would never sell something we wouldn’t personally use in our factory. As a team of people who have, or still do, regularly use air tools – we trust these products 100%!

Top-quality Tools

At Oz General Store, we only stock the absolute top of the line products for all the hard-working Aussies out there! You won’t find cheapo products here – that’s a fact. We have a close relationship with our good friends at Kincrome and Spear & Jackson, and as such, we trust their products as much as they trust us to sell them.

The quality of your air hose is very important – you don’t want something going wrong, because even a small fault can completely put your air tools out of commission! So, before you have a serious tool meltdown, grab a top-quality air hose and retractable air hose reel, and relax – we’ve got your back.

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Our friendly and professional customer service staff will help you out with all types of enquiries, no matter what the issue may be. From anything between an everyday enquiry, to a serious tool meltdown, the Oz General Customer Service team has your back!

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