Get a grip with quality Hand Tools

Oz General Store is committed to bring you the best in quality hand tools at the lowest prices. We understand the importance of getting the job done – we use the tools we represent every day! Since 1903 we have operated a manufacturing division called Murray Agricultural Equipment. Manufactured in Australia, Murray’s farm machinery have been used by Aussie farmers nationwide.

Our manufacturing operations have made us extremely knowledgeable in hand tools and have allowed us to assist thousands of customer enquiries; solving enquiries immediately with great customer service. Get in touch! Hand Tools are the backbone of our company – there is nothing better then building a fantastic collection of quality tools that you can depend on.

Big brands like Kincrome, Supatool, Spear & Jackson, and more! All here at Oz General Store.

Our range is huge and it’s just the beginning

We have 10 vigorous guidelines that we adhere to when representing a supplier. Many suppliers that we run the ruler over do not meet our standards.

  1. Will it improve our customer’s lives?
  2. Is it Australian made/ do they have strong ties to Australia?
  3. Is it a quality product?
  4. Is it at an acceptable price point?
  5. Does Oz General Store understand the product?
  6. Does the product have fantastic warranty?
  7. Would Oz General Store staff actually use the product in our personal lives?
  8. Is the product easy to use/ does instructions come with it?
  9. Does the supplier actively support our customers?
  10. The most important of all – Do we love the product!?

We encourage you to think about these points when browsing our hand tool range as they are exactly how we operate! Does the pliers you are looking at stand up to the rigours that the job demands? So many times, personally our staff have bought cheap nasty equipment only to complete the job ‘just’ or to a lower standard. Oz General Store refuses to offer any products that are inferior!

Want to find out more?

It’s easy to reach us at Oz General Store. Simply call (03) 9791 7033 to talk to our staff about your needs Monday to Friday 8am – 4pm. Email us on cs@ozgeneralstore.com.au or send us a Facebook Message to our Oz General Store facebook page. Have a great day!

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