Shoof Poultry Drinker Chic’a Eco-Easy (2 sizes available)



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100%-eco-friendly drinkers from Europe. Made entirely from sugarcane and beetroot polymers, plus natural dyes. 100% natural and recyclable. No petroleum derivatives. No carbon footprint. Carbon positive. These Eco-easy drinkers feature a double chamber for easy filling. Simply lift off the outer dome and fill the inner tank from a bucket or hose. Replace the outer dome and the drinker operates as a normal gravity-vacuum drinker. Drinker can be used on the ground, with or without 8cm legs, or suspended. Handy carry handle. UV-stable.

Sizes: 6L, 12L

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Shoof Poultry Drinker Chic'a Eco-Easy (2 sizes available)


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