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Shoof Hoofers Refill Left Blue 5 Pack


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Hoofers are Shoof’s newest hoofcare addition. Proudly made in New Zealand, these hard-wearing clogs are made of durable PVC and designed to aid in the recovery of lameness issues by alleviating pressure/pain on the effected hoof. The Hoofer has been designed with a high wall to make it much less likely to be dislodged during walk of severely lame animal. These blocks are designed to stay on the hoof for 4 weeks and may have to be removed. This is all dependant on conditions and cow mobility.

Supplied colour coded, orange for right and blue for left, having these bright colours will also make it easy to see in the paddock if/when they come off, and to easily identify which hoof is affected. These clogs are ideal for longer or more complex treatments or farms where an animal has to walk long distances, also if walking surfaces could be slippery or very wet. The Hoofers glue is packaged as single application for easy volume control. Very high strength and great adhesion with plastics. As with all adhesion products temperature and humidity will affect the setting of the glue.

After trimming the healthy claw ensure the surface is clean and dry, to ensure the hoof is dry with a heat gun or methylated spirts prior to application. Pour the contents of the glue liquid into the toe of the clog and add powder, mix thoroughly until a gravy-like consistency is formed. Spread glue evenly around clog and press into hoof, holding in place until the glue has grabbed. Lower cow’s leg after 3-5mins. Full instructions provided on a handy card.

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Shoof Hoofers Refill Left Blue 5 Pack