Car-Rep® ACRYLcomp Black Semi Gloss – 500ml


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Car-Rep® ACRYLcomp® acrylic paint is suitable for metal, wood, hard plastic, stone, concrete, glass, vinyl and many other materials.

Thanks to its patented technology painting is very easy, like using a professional paint gun. The spray pattern is very fine and wide and can be adjusted horizontally or vertically. No risk of paint dripping when instructions are followed.

Instructions: Sand the surface if necessary. Clean the surface. Priming with Car-Rep® ACRYLcomp® primer or plastic primer is recommended before painting.

Shake the can for about 2-3 min. Test painting is recommended on a small, invisible area. Start painting outside the object, move slowly on the object and paint around 15 cm from the surface.

First spray a very light gauzy coat, wait for about 30 seconds – 1 minute before painting a new layer.

Attention! Car-Rep® ACRYLcomp® paint is covers the surface better than conventional spray paints, less layers are needed to cover the surface.

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Car-Rep® ACRYLcomp Black Semi Gloss - 500ml