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Lightning Flash Wash Vehicle Wash – 4 Litres


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Flash Wash Vehicle / car / truck / plane / industrial / house cleaner Premium all vehicle washing concentrate, Contains Ultrabrite TM of Teflon Added anti corrosion agents.

A Fluro wax finish for high gloss longer lasting shine Reduced cleaning times with little or no scrubbing Apply diluted and mixed to dry surface and let it go to work Finally, just rinse off and watch the dirt fall away Surface stays cleaner for longer Great for Black duco.

Can be used on most painted surfaces, perfect on glass, chrome and rubber. Easiest spring clean of the outside of your home is to Flash Wash the walls and windows Contact us if you require larger sizes 100% Australian made

A genuinely new vehicle wash product that has real advances and improvements to change the way you think about washing the car, truck, boat, bike, train, plane, house the list is endless.

Lightning Flash wash addresses the faults of those other washes, such as high alkalinity and other pollutants such as phosphates that all promote paint fading, being low in alkaline and containing no phosphates. Lightning then added benefits to the formulation such as a rust inhibitor to protect all metal surfaces of the vehicles body and chassis, plus a water-soluble wax with fluoro chemicals to give a residual shine and protective coating that also helps prevent re-soiling of all surfaces. Meaning that just washed look lasts even longer, and is perfect for dark and gloss black finishes which are traditionally the hardest to keep clean.

The more times you use Flash Wash, the better the surface protection/treatment is, resulting in minimal or no need to use brushes or spongers that scratch paintwork.

Again, none or minimal use of brushes or sponges with continued use of Flash Wash, amazing. Dilute the mix to suit (recommended 1 part Flash Wash to 10 parts water) Spray it on the dry dirty surface using either a pump spray, hand held trigger spray or a pressure washer. Leave it to do its work, (you can leave it on overnight if you want for an even better reaction) then simply wash it off. (Recommend to rinse off using a high-pressure washer.

You can see the dirt being dislodged as you apply the mix, and then the final water rinse completely removes all the dirt and grime, leaving a glossy protected surface that stays cleaner longer. A neat trick is to apply Flash Wash before a long journey or on motorbikes before a motocross event. Makes cleaning super easy at the end and won?t harm the paint in the meantime. Lightning Flash Wash is compatible with all vehicle pressure washing systems on the market.

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Lightning Flash Wash Vehicle Wash - 4 Litres


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