Mirch Detail Bliss Spray-On Gloss/Clean/Slick 500ml


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No More Excuses – Shine Anywhere, Anytime!

Detail Bliss is the ultimate quick detail and waterless cleaner spray that contains no wax, no sealant, and no streaks- just pure, synthetic shine with deep amazing gloss!

Enhanced Shine, Protection and Durability

Detail Bliss creates a streak-free shine with stunning results on any colour paintwork. Use this slick synthetic formula to remove dirt, debris, bird droppings, brake dust, and road grime without scratching sensitive paintwork. The fully-synthetic formula cleans and shines all paint colours in between full washes, and helps wax and sealant coats last longer.

A Shine That Lasts!

Many quick detailer products use agents that give a deep shine but unfortunately also attract dirt, grime and dust. Detail Bliss stands apart with it’s anti static formula allowing your ride to keep that “just detailed” look for longer!

Use This Quick Detailer To:

  • Attract less dust and dirt after a fresh detail
  • Clean and shine your car in direct sunlight
  • Take your wax or sealant coat to the next level
  • Restore a deep wet shine on any colour paint
  • Bring a smooth finish at any surface


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Mirch Detail Bliss Spray-On Gloss/Clean/Slick 500ml