Penrite Diesel Winter Fuel Treatment 375ml


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Here at Oz General Store we offer Penrite Diesel Winter Fuel Treatment 375ml! Diesel Winter Fuel Treatment 375ml is a diesel fuel cold flow improver additive for use in alpine areas or in locations where temperatures are expected to fall below zero.


Diesel Winter Fuel Treatment is designed for use with all diesel-fuelled engines and can be added directly to the vehicles fuel tank or too small storage tanks. Suitable for use with up to B7 Biodiesel.

Diesel Winter Fuel Treatment works by lowering the CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) of the diesel fuel so that wax formation is below the bulk temperature of the fuel. This is important in alpine areas where the risk of wax formation is greatest. In off-road applications such as agriculture, the product may be used in storage tanks and in equipment in the case of an unexpected cold snap occurring before Alpine Fuel is available.

Diesel Cold Flow Improver is ideal for use prior to snow and skiing trips, 4wd and off roading in high mountain regions, diesel fuel supplies stored in sub zero degree temperatures, farm, agricultural and mining equipment used in colder climates.

Directions for use:

  • Shake well before use
  • Add entire contents of bottle to the fuel tank prior to filling the tank

If taking spare fuel in jerry cans, ensure that these are also dosed before filling (see below). Adding to the fuel after wax formation has occurred will not remove the wax.

Always add before filling tank to prevent formation from occurring.

One bottle will effectively treat up to 100L of diesel fuel. For smaller fuel tanks, it is still safe to use an entire bottle down to 50L capacity. For tanks smaller than 50L including jerry cans use ¼ of a bottle to 20L of fuel. In a 100L tank, two 375mL bottles may be used for maximum CFPP reduction.

Please Note: Product is most effective when added to alpine area fuel. Adding to the fuel after wax formation has occurred will not remove the wax.


  • Prevents the formation of wax which blocks fuel injectors
  • Depresses the pour point and cloud points of fuel
  • Modifies the size and shape of any wax crystals
  • Allows starting of engines in sub-zero temperatures
  • Contains a detergent to keeps injectors clean.
  • International tests on EN590 fuel show that the CFPP can be reduced by up to 18°C depending on the dose rate and fuel source. (CFPP in test fuel was lowered to -28C)

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Penrite Diesel Winter Fuel Treatment 375ml