Kincrome Eva Tray Torx & Tamperproof Key Sets 37 Piece


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Kincrome EVA Trays have been specifically designed to protect and maintain your Kincrome Professional Quality Tools. These tool trays are custom made to suit Kincrome Tool Chests and Boxes. Kincrome EVA Trays make selection of your tools easier and quicker – saving you valuable time. EVA156T – 37 Piece Hex / TORX & Tamperproof Keys Sets & Knife EVA Tray

Ball Point Hex Key Set Long Series 9 Piece:
1/16″ x 14 x 90mm, 3/16″ x 28 x 160mm, 5/64″ x 16 x 100mm, 1/4″ x 32 x 180mm, 3/32″ x 18 x 112mm, 5/16″ x 36 x 200mm, 1/8″ x 20 x 126mm, 3/8″ x 40 x 224mm, 5/32″ x 25 x 140mm

Ball Point Hex Key Set Long Series 9 Piece:
1.5 x 14 x 90mm, 5.0 x 28 x 160mm, 2.0 x 16 x 100mm, 6.0 x 32 x 180mm, 2.5 x 18 x 112mm, 8.0 x 36 x 200mm, 3.0 x 20 x 126mm, 10.0 x 40 x 224mm, 4.0 x 25 x 140mm

Tamperproof TORX Set Long Series Piece:
T10H x 14 x 90mm, T30H x 28 x 160mm, T15H x 16 x 100mm, T40H x 32x 180mm, T20H x 18 x 112mm, T45H x 36 x 200mm, T25H x 20 x 126mm, T50H x 40 x 224mm,T27H x 25 x 140mm

TORX Key Set Long Series 9 Piece:
T10 x 20 x 90mm, T15 x 25 x 100mm, T20 x 27 x 111mm, T25 x 30 x 125mm, T27 x 33 x 143mm,T30 x 37 x 166mm, T40 x 39 x 190mm, T45 x 44 x 210mm, T50 x 50 x 235mm

Folding Utility Knife Lock Back 150mm

EVA Tray Measurements: 335 x 145 x 50mm

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Kincrome Eva Tray Torx & Tamperproof Key Sets 37 Piece


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