3/8" Air Filter, Cleaner & DES Dryer Regulator

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Shop now for 3/8" Air Filter, Cleaner & DES Dryer Regulator?here at Oz General Store! This 3/8" Air Filter, Cleaner & DES Dryer Regulator?is a 3 Stage Coalescing Air Filter/Regulator/Dryer. The combination is designed to remove most liquid & solid particles from air supply. The Coalescing Filter removes oil vapours which can get past standard filters & water separators while the Desiccant Dryer reduces humidity in compressed air lines which is an absolute must have for spray painting operations. The self-relieving pressure regulator is used to adjust the outlet pressure between 0 - 150psi.


  • 3 Stage Air Filter Regulator.
  • Filter Removes Oil Vapours.
  • Dryer Reduces Humidity.
  • Pressure Regulator 0 - 150psi.
  • Ideal For Spray Painting Operations.
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