Plastic Mixing Lids/Cups (4 Sizes Available)

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Mixing Cup

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Sizes: 400CC | 700CC | 1400CC | 2300CC

Our Plastic Mixing Cups are the perfect solution for precise and efficient paint mixing. Available in four convenient sizes—400CC, 700CC, 1400CC, and 2300CC—these cups are designed to meet the needs of both professional painters and DIY enthusiasts. 

Made from high-clarity polypropylene (PP), these mixing cups allow for easy readability of the mixing ratios, ensuring accuracy in every mix. The solvent-resistant and anti-static properties of the material further enhance the durability and usability of these cups. Precision-printed mixing ratios on each cup make it easy to achieve the perfect blend every time.

Key Features:

  1. Four Sizes Available: Choose from 400CC, 700CC, 1400CC, and 2300CC to suit different mixing needs.
  2. High Clarity: Allows for easy readability of mixing ratios, ensuring precise mixes.
  3. Solvent Resistant: Durable material that withstands solvent exposure without degrading.
  4. Anti-Static: Reduces the attraction of dust and particles, keeping your mix clean.
  5. Material: Made from high-quality polypropylene (PP) for durability and reliability.
  6. Precision Printed Ratios: Different mixing ratios are printed on the cups for accurate measurements.
  7. Lids and Cups Sold Separately
  8. Versatile Use: Ideal for mixing paints, solvents, and other liquids.

Achieve perfect paint mixtures with our Plastic Mixing Cups. With their clear, solvent-resistant, and anti-static design, these cups are essential tools for any painting project, ensuring precision and convenience.

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