9" Double Sided Wool Buff Pad (2 Colours Available)

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Elevate your polishing game with our dual-sided 9" wool buff pad, meticulously designed for professional-grade results. Available in two variants – white and yellow – these buff pads are perfect for automotive and detailing applications.

Key Features:

  1. Dual-sided Design: Our buff pads feature two sides – one for cutting and one for finishing – providing versatility and efficiency in polishing tasks. This design allows you to achieve desired results with ease, from heavy defect removal to high-gloss finishing.

  2. Premium Wool Construction: Crafted from high-quality wool material, our buff pads offer superior durability and performance. The dense wool fibers ensure even distribution of polish and maximum effectiveness in restoring the shine of your surfaces.

  3. Easy Attachment: Equipped with a hook and loop backing, our buff pads securely attach to your polisher, ensuring stability during operation. This convenient attachment method allows for quick pad changes and hassle-free polishing sessions.

  4. Wide Application: Suitable for use on various surfaces including automotive paint, clear coats, gel coats, and more, our wool buff pads deliver professional-grade results, making them essential for automotive enthusiasts, detailers, and professionals alike.

Size: 9 Inches

Colour: White, Yellow

Achieve unparalleled polishing results with our dual-sided 9" wool buff pad. Order now and experience the difference in your polishing endeavors!