Car-Rep Acrylic Clear Coat 500ml

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Shop now for Car-Rep Acrylic Clear Coat 500ml here at Oz General Store! Car-Rep? 500ml Clear Coat includes acrylic binders and additives of car refinishing OE quality. They offer a very short drying time, more glossy and wear resistant surface than the traditional spray paints, which are based on synthetic or nitro binders.

The coverage of Car-Rep? acrylic spray paint is extremely high and therefore you can paint much more than with the traditional synthetic or nitro spray paints. On top of that the gloss of the paint is the same than in OE car paints and the surface is resistant for solvents, such as petrol and white spirit, brake dust, chemicals, cleaning solvents, heat and chipping. The coating is very hard and gives an excellent protection for wear and stone chips.

All metallic basecoats must be over coated with Clear Coat. Also solid colours are recommended to be coated with Clear Coat for the best wear resistance and glossy.

- 3m2 High Coverage

- Wide Spray

- Quick Drying

- No Run Down


Size: 500ml

Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 15

Colour: Clear


Type: Acrylic spray paint

(Please note that sizes are measured but only use as a guideline not precise measurements)