Kincrome Dead Blow Hammer 60mm

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The Kincrome Dead Blow Hammer is a specialised mallet used to minimise damage to the surface & in controlling the striking force with minimal rebound.

To Replace head unscrew the hammer head by rotating counter clockwise. If tight place in a vice or use multi grips, insert the head by rotating clockwise until tight.
2 x 60mm Nylon head filled with shot
1 x Dead Blow Hammer
Controlled striking force with minimal rebound
Reduces accidental damage to work surface
Soft striking face to reduce damage to object being stuck
Lightweight Aluminium Die Cast Handle & Head
Non Marring Replaceable Nylon Heads
Dampens Rebound

Common uses:
Chassis & Suspension
Automotive body work
Hub cap fitting & Removal
Wood work
Size 60MM
Material Aluminium & Nylon Head
9312753932455 Aluminium & Nylon Head

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