Kincrome Digital Tyre Gauge

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Maintain optimal tire pressure effortlessly with the Kincrome Digital Tyre Gauge. This CE approved gauge offers precise measurements with an accuracy of 35 +/-1 PSI within the 0.5 - 99.5 PSI range. Featuring a digital screen and backlight, it ensures easy readability in all conditions.

The Kincrome Digital Tyre Gauge supports PSI, Kpa, and BAR scales, allowing for versatile use across different measurement systems. It is powered by a 3V CR2032 button cell, which is included, ensuring you can use the gauge right out of the box. For added convenience, the gauge features an auto-off function that activates after 45 seconds or by depressing the button continuously for 3 seconds, conserving battery life.

Key Features:

  1. CE Approved: Ensures high accuracy and reliability.
  2. Precision Measurement: Accurate to 35 +/-1 PSI within the 0.5 - 99.5 PSI range.
  3. Multiple Scales: Supports PSI, Kpa, and BAR scales for versatile use.
  4. Digital Screen: Easy-to-read digital display with backlight for all conditions.
  5. Auto Off: Automatically powers off after 45 seconds or by pressing the button for 3 seconds.
  6. Battery Included: Comes with a 3V CR2032 button cell for immediate use.
  7. Compact Design: Portable and easy to use, perfect for maintaining tire pressure on the go.

Compact and user-friendly, this digital tyre gauge is an essential tool for any vehicle owner, ensuring your tires are always at the correct pressure for safe and efficient driving.

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