Dynabreeze Industrial Fans - Power Fan Hose 200mm X 5 Metres

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DYNABREEZE Industrial Strength Power Fan
DYNABREEZE Industrial Strength Power Fan Hose

Power Fan 300mm
• Powerful 2800rpm, 520w motor
• Air delivery 60m3/min

Power Fan 200mm
• Powerful 2800rpm, 180w motor
• Air delivery 25m3/min

• 2 in 1 blows or extracts
• Extracts fumes, odours, dust, stale and hot air
• Suitable for ventilating workshops and confined areas
• Portable
• Heavy duty safety grille and anti vibration mounts
• Industrial quality construction
• Blow or extract with extended range
• Heavy duty flexible and reinforced PVC
• 4 reinforced metal hanging points

Power Fan Hose 300mm x 5 metre
• 60m3/min volume capacity

Power Fan Hose 200mm x 5 metre
• 40m3/min volume capacity