Envirochem Gre Solve Heavy Duty Solvent Degreaser (2 Sizes Available)

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Here at Oz General Store we offer Envirochem Gre Solve Heavy Duty Solvent Degreaser. The Envirochem Gre Solve Heavy Duty Solvent Degreaser is ideal for cleaning and is made to avoid problems with an emulsifying degreaser.

“GRE SOLVE” is a carefully formulated combination of wetting agents penetrating agents, emulsifiers, and solvents
designed to give a cost-effective, safe degreasing and cleaning system.

It works by dispersing oil and grease particles rather than emulsifying them with the rinse water. This technique enables rapid and complete separating of oil from the water. The chemical goes into the oil phase, thus leaving the water phase clean from oil & chemical. The oil phase can be reclaimed or burned without any interference from the chemical, oil/water separators can work to maximum capacity.

How to use:

  • “GRE SOLVE” is applied liberally to parts to be cleaned and allowed to stand for about 5 minutes. The article is then hosed off with a strong jet of water.
  • Can be used for cleaning the greasy floor. & can be used in parts washers.
  • Becomes Milky When Hits Water


Sizes: 5L & 20L

Dimensions: 30x18x13 & 28x28x38 cm

Colour: Colour varies (based on the supplier)

Please note: Call for availability as stock varies