Kincrome Eva Tray Striking & Prying 20 Piece

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Kincrome EVA Trays have been specifically designed to protect and maintain your Kincrome Professional Quality Tools®. These tool trays are custom made to suit Kincrome Tool Chests and Boxes. Kincrome EVA Trays make selection of your tools easier and quicker - saving you valuable time.

• Suits CONTOUR® Tool Chests & Trolleys

• Ball Pein Hammer 16OZ
• Ball Pein Hammer 24OZ
• Ironkore 4lb Club Hammer
• Dead Blow Hammer 24OZ
• Soft Face Hammer 38mm

• Pry Bar Set 2 Piece:
Extended Bent Pry Bar - 450mm (18”)
Bent Pry Bar - 200mm (8”)

• Punch and Chisel Set 12 Piece:
3 x Cold Chisels - 16mm, 19mm, 25mm
4 x Pin Punches - 2.5mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6.5mm

• 1 x Centre Punch - 5mm
• 1 x Drift Punch - 5mm
• 2 x Nail Punch - 2.5mm, 5mm
• 1 x Cape Punch
• Automatic Centre Punch

Measurements 540 x 395 x 30MM
Material Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA)

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