Flexovit Cut-Off Wheel Megaline Ultra Fast Cut Maxi Tub 125 x 1 x 22.23mm (100 Pack)

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  • Our Megaline range of ultra thin 1mm cutting wheels are designed with extra premium aluminium oxide grain for fast cutting, minimal material loss and heat reduction.
  • Ideally suited for stainless steel and other metals.
  • All wheels are reinforced for the demanding nature of cutting-off metals with right angle grinders.
  • The Megaline range of wheels are available in either mini or maxi tubs.
  • A46T Mega Inox using premium grade Aluminium Oxide grain
  • Ultra thin fast cut reinforced straight wheel for fast cutting off where minimal material loss is desired
  • Fast cut reinforced straight wheel for cutting off
  • Made in Australia

SKU 66253371411