GRP Blend Prep 3Kg

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Oz General Store offers the GRP Blend Prep 3KG.

Blend Prep enhances adhesion in hard to reach areas, excellent for plastic bumper bars, door jams, under bonnets, under boot lids, or around door locks.

The Blend Prep saves time and reduces effort, helps clean surface to be painted and promotes better adhesion and profiling for coatings. Silicon free.

-Clean panels are to be prepped with wax and grease remover (This will remove large dirt particles and any silicone)
-Apply Blend Prep using a wet white abrasive hand pad (Scotchbrite or Similar).
-Apply Blend Prep sparingly to hand pad and keep wet to create suds.
-Apply Blend Prep using a crisscross motion until an even matt finish is achieved.
-Once the surface is prepped, clean with fresh tap water.
-Clean panels again with wax and grease remover prior to painting.


Size: 3Kg

Type: Chemical