Kincrome Circlip Pliers Set Heavy Duty (2 Sizes Available)

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Sizes: Large 270mm (10.5"), XLarge 400mm (16")

The Kincrome Heavy Duty Circlip Pliers set has an integrated ratcheting feature which keeps tension on the circlip, allowing for easy installation and removal. The pliers have both internal and external options, PVC grips, interchangeable tips in various angles and sizes, and comes packaged in a sturdy blow mould case. These pliers are ideal for industrial applications where standard circlip pliers are either too small or not strong enough for the given application.

Heavy Duty Internal & External Circlip Pliers Set: 270mm (10.5"), 400mm (16")
2 Piece Large Internal & External Pliers With PVC Grips
Ratcheting Locking Mechanism Holds Tension On The Circlip For Easy Removal & Installation

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