Lightning Barrier Cream (2 Sizes Available)

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Size: 100G, 500ML


Barrier Hand Cream is a hand protection cream that creates an insulating barrier between the skin and hard soils to help retain moisture and avoid skin irritations. It contains Almond and Avocado oils that makes hands easier to clean and vitamin E to prevent the skin from drying and cracking.


Barrier Hand Cream is applied directly to the hands prior to beginning the job at hand and can be used wherever the hands come into contact with soils that may cause skin irritation.

*We recommend using Barrier Hand Cream within 6 months of opening 


  • Provides a protective barrier for the skin
  • Contains vitamin E to soften and moisturise the hands
  • Non-greasy formula that protects for hours
  • Prevents skin irritations
  • Utilises natural plant-based oils without added fragrances
  • Makes hands easier to clean afterwards


  1. Apply Barrier Cream to clean, dry hands
  2. Massage thoroughly into both sides of the hands
  3. Allow product to be absorbed prior to beginning work
  4. Reapply as required, we recommend reapplying every 4 hours
  5. Post work we recommend the use of Revive Hand Cream