Master Clear Coat C18 2:1 1L

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Here at Oz General Store we offer Master Clear Coat C18 2:1 1L.

C18 Ultimate Rapid Drying VHS 2:1 clear coat with very high solids content offers excellent fluidity as well as exceptional gloss and finish. Featuring great hardness and endurance against the toughest environments, the C18 is greatly resistant to scratches, UV rays and other harmful climatic conditions.

As part of our express system, the C18 clear requires only 5 minutes of baking at 60?C. Top coating has never been quicker!

Perfect coat appearance, durability and quick repair guaranteed!

Work well with the Master Clear Coat C18 Hardener 1:2 0.5L!


Size: 1L ? 15x10x10 cm



Type: Screw cap

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