One Touch 3 Outlet Swivel Manafold 3/8"

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The One Touch 3 Outlet Swivel Manifold is a versatile and convenient tool for connecting and managing multiple air hoses in a compressed air system. It features three 3/8 inch outlets that can be individually controlled with the simple turn of a knob, allowing for easy switching between different tools or work areas. The swivel design of the manifold allows for flexibility in positioning and routing of the air hoses, helping to reduce clutter and improve organization in the workspace.

The One Touch manifold is made with high-quality materials and construction, ensuring durability and longevity. The 3/8 inch outlets are compatible with most standard air tools and accessories, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of applications. The manifold also features a built-in pressure gauge, allowing for easy monitoring and adjustments to the compressed air flow.

The One Touch 3 Outlet Swivel Manifold is an excellent choice for any workshop or garage that uses compressed air tools on a regular basis. Its compact size and simple operation make it easy to use, while its high-quality construction and durable materials ensure that it will stand up to the rigors of everyday use. Whether you're a professional mechanic, a DIY enthusiast, or anyone in between, the One Touch 3 Outlet Swivel Manifold is a great way to organize and streamline your compressed air system.