Penrite 10 Tenths Premium 10W-60 (100% Pao & Ester)(2 Sizes Available)

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Premium 10 is a 100% PAO & Ester synthetic, SAE 10W-60, non friction modified, modern engine oil. It utilises premium synthetic base oil with a FULL ZINC+ (exceeding 1800+ ppm levels) additive pack for the ultimate in engine protection and performance.


Penrite 10 Tenths Racing products are used by Factory Race Teams to provide the ultimate in performance and protection. To visit our Factory Racing Partners and Penrite Brand Ambassadors Click Here


Premium 10 is suitable for use in modern 4, 6 & 8+ cylinder, multi cam, multi-valve including VVT, naturally aspirated, supercharged & turbocharged engines. It can be used in standard and high performance engines for both competition and normal on/off road use in a wide range of vehicles.

Premium 10 is recommended for use in vehicles where SAE 10W-50 and SAE 15W-50 engine oils were originally recommended by the manufacturer.

Premium 10 can be used where ACEA A3/B3 is recommended in model years prior to 2017 and where ACEA A3/B4 is recommended in model years prior to 2008. It can also be used where API SN or previous API specifications SM (2004-2010), SL (2001-2004), SJ (1998-2000) or earlier specifications are recommended. It is suitable for use in LPG and light duty diesel engines where API CF or ACEA A3/B3 is required prior to 2017 and where ACEA A3/B4 is recommended prior to 2008. It is NOT suitable for use in diesels fitted with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter).


Premium 10 has been proven in race and competition conditions in engines requiring a high performance full synthetic engine oil. It is the product of choice for many competitors running competition vehicles in circuit & drag racing, rallying, drifting, hill climb, targa, time trials and regularity.

Premium 10 is suitable for use in four stroke motorcycles with wet clutches.


Premium 10 is suitable for use in passenger car, light commercial, competition vehicles and motor cycles and can be used with Petrol, LPG, E10, E85 (Racing & Competition only), diesel (without DPF), avgas, nitro, methanol & other conventional fuels. It is also suitable for use in four stroke motorcycles with wet clutches and meets JASO MA requirements.


Please Note: When changing oil, Penrite recommend using Penrite Engine Flush, a fast acting, solvent free, engine cleaning formulation that removes engine deposits, sludge and contaminants with the oil service drain. It contains added zinc for engine wear protection and its fast acting formulation works in 10 minutes.

*Full Zinc + = Zinc level + Boron level combined as a total anti-wear package


  • Blended using 100% PAO (Poly Alpha Olefin Group IV) & ESTER (Group V) full synthetic base oils for maximum heat resistance and high performance
  • *FULL ZINC + anti-wear additive package for ultimate engine wear protection
  • MAXIMUM wear protection, minimum sludge formation & reduced piston deposits
  • Competition proven and trusted for performance engines
  • Longer engine life by reducing formation of high temperature engine deposits
  • Reduced oil consumption due to use of highly specialised, ultra-pure, low volatility synthetic base oils
  • Non-friction modified so can be used in motorcycles with wet clutches
  • Very fast flow at start-up combined with full-bodied high temperature protection