Penrite Radiator Corrosion Inhibitor 100,000 Km (Green Concentrate) (3 Sizes Available)

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Size: 500Ml, 1L , 20L


Radiator Corrosion Inhibitor is a green coloured, hybrid-organic, Type "B", corrosion inhibitor concentrate that protects against cavitation, scaling and oxidisation in vehicles that do not require an Anti-Freeze Anti-Boil cooIant. It is an effective engine coolant that uses a Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT) inhibitor to provide maximum protection against corrosion whilst providing superior heat transfer to reduce engine operating temperature.

Radiator Corrosion Inhibitor Replaces RADIATOR INHIBITOR


Radiator Corrosion Inhibitor is suitable for use in a wide range of vehicles including passenger cars, light commercials vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, buses, stationary engines and other equipment.

Radiator Corrosion Inhibitor when mixed with water will help provide improved heat transfer abilities over straight water by reducing cavitation and eliminating hot spots inside the engine. This can help lower the running temperature of the engine, preventing damage from overheating whilst the inhibitor pack will prevent rust, corrosion, scaling and oxidation if maintained at the correct dosage.

  • Radiator Corrosion Inhibitor should be used at a ratio of 50ml per litre of water.
  • Penrite recommend mixing with Penrite De-Mineralised Water
  • 1 litre makes up to 20 litres of coolant.

HINT: For best results flush cooling system with Radiator Flush prior to filling with Radiator Corrosion Inhibitor

Passenger Car 100,000 KMS
Light Commercial 100,000 KMS
Heavy Duty On Road 3 Years, 500,000 KMS
Heavy Duty Off Road 3 Years, 6,000 Hours
Stationary Power Generation 12,000 Hours
Marine 12,000 Hours
  • We DO NOT recommend mixing with other coolants or inhibitors
  • This product is Not Compatible for testing with glycol coolant test strips as false readings can occur
  • Radiator Corrosion Inhibitor Replaces Pro Coolant Radiator Inhibitor


  • Protects all internal surfaces from corrosion, including aluminium
  • Safe for all plastics, rubber hoses & seals
  • Helps prevent wet liner erosion
  • Contains an anti foam agent to help protect against cavitation
  • Silicate, Phosphate and Amine Free
  • Cost effective engine protection