Penrite 350,000 Km Green (Premix/Concentrate) (3 Sizes Available)

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Type: Premix, Concentrate
Size: 1L, 2.5L, 5L, 20L


350,000 KM Green Coolant is a Type "A" anti-freeze/anti-boil, silicate, phosphate and amine free cooIant, safe for all types of light and heavy duty vehicles. It uses a technically advanced HYBRID (HOAT - Hybrid Organic Acid Technology) inhibitor formulation which provides a stable long life coolant that prevents rust, corrosion, cavitation and degradation of the cooling system. It is available in concentrate and premix forms.


350,000 KM Green Coolant is suitable for passenger cars, 4WDs, motorcycles, light & heavy duty commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural equipment It can be used in Australian, European, Asian and US vehicles who specify a Hybrid (HOAT) type anti- freeze anti boil coolant.

350,000 KM Green Coolant is suitable for the cooling systems of petrol, LPG, light and heavy duty diesel and industrial engines where Type A anti-freeze / anti-boil and anti-corrosion properties are required. It provides long-term protection against rust and corrosion for all materials used in the engine and in the cooling system. It protects cast iron, aluminum, copper and solder alloys as well as the hoses, seals and plastics. It is effective in all cast iron and aluminum engines that are under load or used in extreme hot and cold climates.

350,000 KM Green Coolant may be used in all types of vehicles that use green, blue or yellow coloured initial fill coolants. It is also ideal for motorcycles.

350,000 KM Green Coolant should be used at a concentration level of between 33% and 50%. We recommend using Penrite De-Mineralised Water when mixing although the phosphate free formulation allows it to be mixed with normal tap water if necessary.


Penrite recommend flushing the cooling system prior to a complete service refill. Penrite Radiator Flush effectively cleans the system in 7 minutes and prepares the cooling system for new coolant.


When mixing coolants, Penrite recommend mixing at the manufacturers recommended concentration levels with Penrite De-Mineralised Water

Mix Ratio 33% 50%
Freezing Point -18°C -38°C
Boiling Point +104°C +109°
When used as indicated and correctly maintained
Passenger Cars, 4WD, Light Commercial 350,000 KM
Heavy Duty On Highway 350,000 KM
Heavy Duty Off Highway 5,000 Hours

PLEASE NOTE: 350,000 Green Coolant Replaces 3 Year Standard Drain Anti Freeze Anti Boil Coolant


  • 350,000km drain intervals if used and maintained between 33% & 50%
  • Meets with many manufacturer specifications
  • Compatible with all plastics, rubbers and seals
  • Protects all internal surfaces from corrosion, including aluminum
  • Phosphate free formulation allows use with hard water
  • Silicate and Amine free
  • Suitable for Asian vehicles specifying non- silicate coolant
  • Note: Concentrate coolants require further dilution with demineralised water at a level of 50% or as per manufacturer recommended dosing rates
  • Note: Premix coolants do not require further dilution with demineralized water