Penrite ATF BMV (Full Syn) (2 Sizes Available)

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Size: 4L, 20L


ATF BMV is a highly advanced, low viscosity, full synthetic, multi vehicle automatic transmission fluid designed for the latest generation of European, Asian and US sourced automatic transmissions. It utilises the latest additive technology for optimum performance, durability and shift quality in modern multi-speed automatic transmissions.


ATF BMV is suitable for long drain use in 5 + speed automatic transmissions in passenger cars, 4WDs and light duty commercial vehicles.

ATF BMV may be used in ZF 6, 8 and 9 speed automatic transmissions where Lifeguard 6, 7, 8 & 9 is recommended in vehicles such as

Alfa Romeo Aston Martin Audi Bentley BMW Chrysler
Citroen Dodge Fiat Ford Honda Hyundai
Iveco Jaguar Jeep Kia Land Rover Maserati
Ram Rolls Royce Volkswagen and many others


ATF BMV can also be used in Mercedes Benz and Chrysler vehicles where MB 236.12, MB 236.13, MB 236.14, MB 236.15, MB 236.16 & MB 236.17 are specified in Mercedes Benz 5 speed W5A 580 / NAG1, NAG2V Sport Transmissions, 7 G-Tronic models W7A 700 / NAG2 and 9 G-Tronic models W9A 725. It is suitable for use where Ford Mercon® ULV is specified for 10 speed transmissions in Mustang and Ranger/Everest vehicles and also where GM Dexron® ULV is required.

ATF BMV may be used in Ford Falcon BF-FG series 6 speed automatic transmissions where MERCON®-SP is specified. It can also be used in BMW X5, 5/6 and 7 series, Aston Martin DBS/DB9, Jaguar XK8, XKR, S Type and in Chrysler 300 series, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Cherokee series that use ZF 8 and 9 speed automatic transmissions as well as many other vehicles.

  • Audi TL 52533 (G052 533), G055 005 A1/A2/A6, G 060 162 A1/A2/A6 ATF
  • Bentley PY112995PA
  • BMW PY112995PA, 8322 0142516, 8322 2152426
  • Chrysler Part No. 68157995AA, 68218925GA
  • Citroen Z000169756
  • Hyundai Oil No. 040000C90SG
  • Jaguar Part Number 02JDE 26444, JLM20238, Fluid 8432
  • Land Rover Part No. LR023288, TYK500050
  • Maserati 231603
  • Mercedes Benz A0019892203
  • Porsche 999.917.547.00
  • VW Part No. G 060 162 A1/A2/A6 ATF, G055 005 A1/A2/A6, VW TL 52533 (G052 533)
  • ZF No. S671 090 255 (Lifeguard 6), ZF No. S671 090 (Lifeguard 8), ZF No. AA01.500.001 (Lifeguard 9)

ATF BMV is also suitable for power steering systems requiring a low viscosity automatic transmission fluid as well as rotary vane and screw type compressors and hydraulic systems requiring an ISO 32 oil.

Please Note: Not for use in Dual Clutch Transmissions (DCT) or Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT). Please refer to Penrite Recommendation Guide.


  • One product for multiple applications reduces misapplication
  • Designed to meet friction requirements for low viscosity fluids
  • Extends transmission life through superior wear protection
  • Improved power transfer, fuel economy & reduced deposit formation
  • Extended service life utilising synthetic base oils and a shear stable formulation
  • Maximises equipment life by maintaining wear protection and oil film strength throughout the drain interval