Penrite Classic Car Coolant 1L

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Classic Car CooIant is a Type "B", colourless, hybrid-organic, non-glycol based, corrosion inhibitor concentrate designed specifically for use in veteran, Edwardian, vintage and classic car cooling systems. It protects against corrosion, cavitation, scaling and oxidisation. It is an effective engine cooIant that uses a hybrid inhibitor to provide maximum protection against corrosion whilst providing superior heat transfer to significantly reduce engine operating temperature.

Classic Car Coolant meets AS 2108-2004 Type B.


Classic Car Coolant is suitable for cooling systems of automotive, heavy duty, stationary, industrial, and marine engines where anti-freeze and/or anti-boil properties are not required. It can be used as a conventional inhibitor in both older and more modern vehicles.

Classic Car Coolant is formulated for all water cooled engines where high operating temperatures are a problem. The water wetting capabilities of the product assists to lower the running temperature of the engine preventing damage from overheating.

Classic Car Coolant is recommended to be used at a concentration rate between 10% to 15% in demineralised water. Optimum protection is achieved at a dosage rate of 12% for which a change interval of *3 years applies.

Classic Car Coolant should be circulated once coolant is added to ensure complete wetting of all surfaces especially if the engine will be used intermittently.

Note: Whilst this product is not an anti-freeze, it can be added to increase the anti-corrosion characteristics of pure ethylene or propylene glycol. The concentration of glycol should be between 33% and 50%.

  • 1 Litre treats up to 15 litres of water
  • Optimum dosing is between 10% & 15%
  • Penrite recommend mixing with Penrite De-Mineralised Water
  • Do not mix with other Type B coolant inhibitors
  • This product is Not Compatible for testing with glycol coolant test strips as false readings can occur
  • For best results flush cooling system with Radiator Flush prior to filling with new Penrite coolant.


  • Suitable for use in both hard and soft water
  • Bio-degradable and non-toxic
  • Will not stain engine castings or radiators surrounds
  • Overdosing will not cause corrosion or deposition
  • Can lower running temperatures by 8-10° C cooler than glycol treatments