Penrite Diesel Biocide Fuel Treatment (2 Sizes Available)

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Size: 1L, 20L


Diesel Biocide Fuel Treatment is a diesel fuel additive that contains a Biocide to eliminate and stop bacterial growth (bugs, algae, bacteria, yeast, moulds and fungi) in diesel fuel and prevent their growth. It also contains a combination of ingredients to clean, lubricate and protect fuel system components and improve fuel economy, provide effective anti-corrosion properties and contains a demulsifier to separate water.


Diesel Biocide Fuel Treatment contains a Biocide to eliminate and prevent the growth of bacteria that can contaminate diesel fuel and cause blockages to fuel filters and lines, resulting in degraded engine performance. The product should be used continually to prevent reformation of this growth.

Diesel Biocide Fuel Treatment is engineered for use in all diesel engines in passenger cars, light commercials, heavy commercial vehicles, off highway trucks, transport, mining, agriculture, construction, marine and stationary engines. It can also be used in on-site storage and tank facilities to prevent growth or microorganisms, assist water separation, better protect exposed tank internals against corrosion and to improve fleet fuel economy.

Diesel Biocide Fuel Treatment has been designed to improve the physical properties of low sulphur diesel (< 0.05%) fuel. It is also suitable for use in B10 biodiesel. When added to the fuel, it increases fuel economy by up to 2.5%, improves power and acceleration, reduces emissions and fuel system wear and extends life of fuel pump & injector systems.

Diesel Biocide Fuel Treatment contains additives to clean and lubricate the fuel system. Its powerful formulation will clean injectors and fuel system components whilst protecting them from corrosion and rust. This offers additional protection and advantages for vehicles that are stored for long periods of time.

Normal Use 1 Litre to 2000 Litres Fuel (25ml per 50 Litres)
Blocked Injectors or Fuel System 1 Litre per 500 Litres (100ml per 50 Litres)
Bacterial Growth (Shock Treatment) 1 Litre per 250 Litres (200ml per 50 Litres)

Please Note: If your vehicle is fitted with a Capless Fuel Filler system, we recommend using the vehicles emergency fuel filling funnel when adding this product to the fuel tank.


  • Contains a Biocide to eliminate and control the growth of bacteria in the fuel
  • Prevents fuel system and filter blockages
  • Suitable for decontaminating on-site storage and tank facilities
  • Improves fuel economy by up to 2.5% depending on fuel in use and driving conditions
  • Maintains fuel economy using advanced detergent additive keeping fuel system clean
  • Reduces emissions by improving the ignition performance of the fuel
  • Reduces visible smoke and soot
  • Reduces nozzle blockages, optimising the fuel mist for better combustion
  • Reduces wear by improving the lubricity of low and ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel.
  • Extends the life of fuel pumps and injection systems
  • Protects & cleans internal carboxylate salt deposits that cause sticking in diesel injectors
  • Prevents fuel system corrosion through use of effective corrosion inhibitors
  • Safe for SCR / EGR systems as well as Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)
  • Improves power and acceleration
  • High flash point for safer handling