Penrite Diesel Total System Cleaner 375mL

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Diesel Total System Cleaner is a professional strength diesel fuel additive that that effectively cleans the entire fuel system from fuel tank to engine. It uses a powerful and proven additive technology that cleans stubborn deposits and inhibits new contaminant build ups forming.


Diesel Total System Cleaner is suitable for use in all diesel engines. It is safe for use with diesel particulate filters (DPF's) and SCR exhaust gas recirculation systems and it can be used in either direct injected or common rail induction systems including turbo and supercharged engines.

Diesel Total System Cleaner cleans carbon deposits from inlet valves that can affect engine efficiency and performance. It unblocks injectors and provides a lubricant to the fuel system that increases the service life of the fuel system components.

Diesel Total System Cleaner dislodges and removes fuel system contaminants especially those found in commercial pump fuel that can affect the engines performance. Its powerful formulation is designed to clean in one tank of fuel.


1 x 375ml bottle treats 75 Litres of Diesel fuel

Please Note: If your vehicle is fitted with a Capless Fuel Filler system, we recommend using the vehicles emergency fuel filling funnel when adding this product to the fuel tank.

Diesel Total System Cleaner should be used every 10,000km to clean, maintain and prevent fuel system deposits being formed. This is particularly important for intake valve deposits that can build up after only 2000km if poor quality fuel is used. Penrite recommend the use of Penrite Diesel Injector Cleaner every 2500 KM to maintain maximum benefits of the Diesel Total System Cleaner.


  • Cleans fuel tank, lines, injectors, rails and inlet valves
  • Prevents fuel system deposits and contaminants
  • Improves power and performance
  • Improves fuel economy and reduces emissions
  • Improved idling and engine starting
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Safe for emission systems and oxygen sensors
  • Reduces soot and smoke emissions
  • Safe with Bio-Diesel B10