Penrite Enviro+ 10W-40 (Full Syn.) (4 Sizes Available)

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Size: 5L, 7L, 10L, 20L


Enviro+ 10W-40 is a highly advanced, full synthetic OEM & Industry Approved, extended drain/mixed fleet, ultra high performance diesel (UHPD) oil. It is formulated with the highest standard synthetic base oil and advanced additives to ensure protection against wear, corrosion, oil oxidation and sludge.

Enviro Plus 10W-40 is Licensed by the API (American Petroleum Institute) to meet CK-4 specifications ensuring quality and satisfaction. It is OEM Approved for Mercedes Benz 228.52 specifications.


Enviro+ 10W-40 is primarily designed for use in modern 4, 6 & 8 cylinder naturally aspirated and turbocharged four-stroke, low emission, light and heavy duty diesel engines including those fitted with/without Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs).

It may be used where SAE 10W-40 or SAE 15W-40 grade oils are specified by the manufacturer. It can be used where ACEA E9, JASO DH-2 and API CK-4 or where previous API specifications CJ-4, CI-4/Plus, CI-4 or CH-4 are recommended. It is also suitable for use in engines requiring high performance ACEA E4/E6 oils. Suitable for use in the latest Euro IV and Euro V emissions European diesel engines including those that use SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) emissions systems along with those fitted with or without DPFs (Diesel Particulate Filters). Also suitable for use in normal or cooled EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) systems, and 2001-on emissions engines where API CI-4 or higher oils are required.

It is approved for use in Mercedes Benz light commercial and passenger car diesel engines where MB 228.52 is required and can be used where MB 228.31 or 228.51 are specified in the owners handbook. It is suitable for extended drain intervals with OEM operating conditions and can also be used in other light commercial and passenger vehicles if a full synthetic diesel engine oil is required or specified by the manufacturer.


Suitable for passenger car, 4WDs, light & heavy duty commercial vehicles, construction, mining and agricultural equipment. It can be used in both light and heavy duty diesel fuelled vehicles. It is NOT recommended for use in motorcycles.


NOTE: when changing oil, Penrite recommend using Penrite Engine Flush, a fast acting, solvent free, engine cleaning formulation that removes engine deposits, sludge and contaminants with the oil service drain. It contains added zinc for engine wear protection and its fast acting formulation works in 10 minutes.

For vehicles fitted with a Diesel Particulate filter we recommend the use of Penrite ENVIRO+DPF CLEANER to clean & prevent DPF blockages, maximise catalyst life and improve engine efficiency, power & fuel economy.

NOTE: For 60L and 205L size variants, this product is known as CONVOY DLA


  • MANUFACTURER APPROVED product to maintain vehicle warranty & specifications
  • API Licensed product for quality and satisfaction
  • MAXIMISES Diesel Particulate Filter life and engine performance
  • Suitable for SCR and EGR systems
  • Suitable for extended oil drain intervals
  • Controls oil consumption though use of low volatility, hydro-processed synthetic base oils
  • Provides ideal wear, bore polish and deposit protection
  • Effective dispersant additives keep soot in suspension, reducing wear
  • Suitable for use in light and heavy duty applications
  • Easier start up than 15W engine oils