Penrite Gear Box Oil 30 Mineral 1L

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Gear Box Oil 30 is a multigrade gearbox oil designed specifically for use in vehicles that originally used the same oil in the gearbox as was recommended and used in the engine. Many vehicles manufactured in the fifties and sixties specified engine oil for use in the gearbox. Whilst this was convenient, a multigrade oil is now a better alternative, providing wider temperature performance.


Gear Box Oil 30 can be used in vintage, veteran and classic gearboxes including those fitted with straight, synchro and epicyclic gears, overdrives and those vehicles fitted with pre-selector gearboxes.

Gear Box Oil 30 is an SAE 20W-60 oil designed for use where SAE 30 oils were originally specified.


  • Does not contain friction modifiers.
  • Will not cause overdrives and pre-selector bands to slip.
  • Does not contain EP additives
  • Compatible with synchro cones and other metal parts.


Sizes: 1kg

Dimensions: 25x9x5 cm

Colour: Mixed colours