Penrite Honing Oil 20L

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Honing Oil is a special purpose, low viscosity, extreme pressure straight cutting fluid manufactured from pure hydrocracked base oils and carefully selected extreme pressure additives. It is designed to fulfil stringent manufacturers requirements in the Australian market.

Honing Oil contains sulphur based extreme pressure additives and lubricity additives.


Honing Oil is designed for the machining and honing of cast iron and free machining of steel when re-conditioning engine cylinder bores and heads.

Honing Oil is also suitable for thread cutting and deep hole drilling of tough to machine ferrous materials.

Note: Honing Oil is not to be used with copper or copper alloys and is not recommended for honing aluminium.


  • Excellent surface finish obtainable
  • Economical operation by providing superior cooling with minimal drag out
  • Maintains stone cleanliness and maximises operation life
  • Removes heat from tool and work piece
  • Facilitates rapid settling of swarf and chips
  • Excellent anti-weld properties
  • Low odour and misting
  • Chlorine and zinc free