Penrite Power Steering Stop Leak 375ML

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Power Steering Stop Leak has been specifically formulated to control leaks in the power steering system due to deteriorated or worn seals and gaskets.


Power Steering Stop Leak has been designed for use in power steering systems that utilise Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF's) as the power steering fluid. It is suitable for passenger cars, 4WD's, and light commercial vehicles.

Power Steering Stop Leak is suitable for use with vehicles that use the following Penrite power steering and automatic transmission fluids as well as most systems that use GM Dexron® type fluids that are utilised in power steering systems -

  • Penrite Power Steering Fluid"
  • Penrite Multi-Vehicle DX-III
  • Penrite Multi-Vehicle LV
  • Penrite Multi-Vehicle MHP
  • Penrite ATF BMV
  • Penrite Multi-Vehicle FS
  • Penrite ATF 33 Type F

Power Steering Stop Leak will not affect the performance of the Power Steering System


1) Ensure the reservoir has 375ml capacity prior to filling.
2) Add one bottle (375ml) for up to 1 litre of power steering fluid.

NOTE: If leaks are still evident after use, replacement or repair of these parts may be required.


  • Reduces system leaks
  • Revitalises worn seals and gaskets
  • Extends component life
  • Reduces squawk
  • Increases the viscosity of the power steering fluid
  • Can reduce costly repairs