PH 5302 HK-HG Small Block Chev Tri-Y

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Please contact us for availability before purchase.

NOTE: We only stock headers, if you require any additional branches/base pipes or accessories by request only.

Pacemaker Headers to suit Holden HK-HT-HG 283, 302, 305, 307, 327, 350, 400 V8 Small Block Chev Motor.

Manual & Automatic. TRI-Y Design.

Part #: PH 5302
P/Steering: No Gasket: DSF 9
Air Con: N/A Primary Pipe: 1⅝" (41mm)
Oxy Sen: N/A Secondary Pipe: 2" (51mm)
E.G.R: N/A Outlet: 2¼" (57mm)
Y Branch: N/A Fitting Time: 3 Hrs


  • All Pacemakers are made to order
  • Call for availability as stock varies
  • If unavailable ETA 2-6 Weeks
  • Will fit Powerglide automatic
  • Will not fit with Power Steering
  • Additional Information:
  • Will fit Turbo 400 automatic if vehicles floor has been cut for correct fitment of automatic
  • Will only fit with original engine mounting spacers or PACEMAKER spacers Part number Pemp 307

Note: spacers must be fitted on correct side of vehicle. (RH spacer is ¼” higher than LH spacer)

  • Will not fit column automatic unless linkages are modified
  • PH5302 & PH5303 headers are designed to fit with a genuine factory starter when fitting to a 153 tooth (10 1/2") flex plate (auto only) or a 153 tooth (13") ring gear (manual only).
  • PH5302 & PH5303 headers will not fit the genuine factory starter when fitting to 168 tooth (11") flex plate (auto only) or a 168 tooth (14") ring gear (manual only). Pacemaker recommends the use of an after market hi-torque starter. Please choose carefully as not all starter solenoids are in the same position.