Kincrome Professional Bearing Packer

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With the large, transparent and impact resistant Grease Cup, this unit is capable of repacking grease into 50 or more bearings, before needing to be refilled. You can fill the Grease Cup via bulk filling, or via the grease nipple on the bearing shaft retainer.The original method of packaging grease into a bearing is extremely messy and wastes a lot of grease too, however the Kincrome Professional Bearing Packer has solved this problem! The unit is extremely easy to operate, simply remove the plunger cone and fit the bearing over the bearing retainer shaft. Reinstall the plunger cone and press down with force or use a bench vice to push the fresh grease through your bearing while also removing the old grease.... its that simple!

  • The Portable Bearing Packer works on bearings up to 3 1/2 O.D (90mm)
  • Packs 50+ bearings before needing refilling
  • The Grease stays in the tool cavity, not on your hands
  • To Pack a bearing, place the bearing on the piston
  • Press down on the cap until the old grease is forced out and the New Grease shows on top of the bearing
  • Measurements 100 x 100 x 120MM
  • Weight 0.45KG
  • Max Bearing Size 3 1/2 O.D (90mm)

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