Protite Fibreglass Roller 7" Steel W/ Wood Handle

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Fibreglass Repair Kits come with everything you need to get the job done.
• Fibreglass Resin
• Fibreglass Chopped Matting
• Fibreglass Resin Catalyst Hardener 15ml
• Nitrile Gloves, Measuring Cup, Applicator Brush, Mixing Stick and Mixing Bucket.
• Available in 3 sizes – Small (0.25sqm), Medium (0.50sqm), and Large (1.0sqm)
PROTiTE Fibreglass Resins are a polyester low styrene emission (LSE) resin, perfect for most repair jobs. It provides good strength, adhesion and a nice wetting consistency.
*Available in 250g, 500g and 1kg*
PROTiTE Casting & Embedding Resin is perfect for hobby and crafts where a clear resin is required, like insect or flower casting, making jewellery, fishing lures, plaques and ornaments.
*Available in 500g or 1Kg*

Fibreglass Repair Accessories
PROTiTE Fibreglass Resin Catalyst start the curing/hardening process. Comes in an easy to use dropper bottle.
PROTiTE Fibreglass Measuring Cup achieves the perfect measurements for your repair.
PROTiTE Fibreglass Roller is a quality 7” Steel Roller with Wooden handle. Short enough to get into tight spaces. It is used to remove air bubbles and aid penetration of resins into
Fibreglass Matting or Cloths.
PROTiTE Fibreglass Cleanup Solution an Acetone based solvent effective in the clean-up of Fibreglass Resins, brushes and rollers.
Fibreglass Cloth & Matting
PROTiTE Fibreglass Chopped Matting & Cloths are used with PROTiTE Fibreglass Resins to provide re-enforcement, strength and flexibility to your repair.
PROTiTE Fibreglass Chopped Matting consists of strands of glass fibres laid randomly across each other. It is economical and provides good stiffness.
Chopped Matting is easier to conform to tight curves and corners.
• Available in 0.25sqm or 1.0sqm

PROTiTE Fibreglass Cloth & Strip Cloth is made from woven strands of fibreglass leaving a smooth finish which is stronger and more flexible than Chopped Matting.
• Cloth available in 0.50sqm and 1.0sqm
• Cloth Strips available in 50mm x 2.5m and 100mm x 2.5m.